Custom Pergola, Trellis & Lattice Panel Designs!

All of our pergolas and trellis are made of red western cedar, 6×6 posts set in concrete, 2×10 bands and dividers, 2×6 rafters with decorative tails, 2×2 shade tops with 2″ spacing. Variations to 2×2 spacing, decorative tails, etc. are also available.

Trellis are typically two posts, 8′ to 10′ overall widths, to accommodate a porch swing, or perhaps a cedar or galvanized panel for using plants or privacy.

Lattice panels are usually framed in treated wood 4×4 posts, frames, top rails, etc. with either cedar lattice panels or galvanized panels. Galvanized panels are typically 2″x4″ spacing with 4″x4″ also available.

Pergolas Gallery

Trellis Gallery