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Patio Design & Installation Services - Houston TX

Depending on the conditions or requirements, patios are either concrete based with mortared sub-base and joints. In some instances especially in heavy tree roots we will use a compacted granite gravel base, with a geo-textile cloth, then an one inch sub-base to get our levels and grade correct, and for overall stability.

In concrete based patios we will pour approximately 4″ of 3/8″ rebar reinforced concrete base with a minimum of 2500 psi but more often than not 3000+ psi, then a mortared bed with flush mortared joints.

Materials vary in types and colors. Flagstone types are mostly Arizona buckskin, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania full color. Pavers are from 3pc cobblestone, antiqued-tumbled, to large square with many colors, shapes, and sizes.

Travertine and slates also vary from 12″ – 16″ squares to versaille (multiple size) patterns. A large assortments of colors and size.

Flagstone Mortared Based Patios Gallery


Flagstone Granite Based Patios Gallery


Granite Gravel


Paver Patios Gallery


Slate Patios


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